Biochar Lab Analysis


Persist Third Party Validation

OMRI Listed® for use in certified organic operations under the USDA National Organic Program

Certified by the USDA as an all-natural, 100% biobased product (BioPreferred® program)

Meets the stringent quality standards established by the International Biochar Initiative

Certified carbon negative by Puro.Earth, the world’s leading carbon crediting program

VGrid’s high-temperature gasification process produces premium biochar with greater than 90% carbon content, ultra-low ash, and minimal VOCs.

Confirmed by third-party independent laboratory testing. 

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Persist biochar provides exceptionally high porosity and surface area (BET). The greater the porosity, the more effective biochar is at holding moisture, enhancing microbial activity, filtering pollutants, and binding nutrients. 

Persist Biochar under microscope

Persist™ Biochar for Golf Analysis –

Turf and Soil Diagnostics (Linwood, Kansas)

Not all biochar is the same. Biochar characteristics should be verified with a 3rd party laboratory analysis.

This evaluation compared USGA-specified sand alone to the same sand mixed with 20% Persist® biochar, consistent with USGA recommendations for putting green construction. Compared to USGA sand alone, the Persist® biochar/sand mix (20/80) provided:

  • Better aeration (+11% air-filled porosity)
  • Improved water retention (+27% water-filled porosity)
  • Increased infiltration (+3% infiltration rate)

The Persist® biochar/sand mix (20/80) meets all USGA recommendations evaluated, including gradation and uniformity coefficient.

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Persist™ all-natural biochar and PAF liquid plant enhancer are manufactured by VGrid Energy Systems, a California-based clean energy producer