Karrikaid-PRO Germination Booster


naturally improves seed germination, root establishment,

and overall soil productivity.

Low germination rates are costly―Karrikaid can help.

Karrikaid®-PRO is a professional grade liquid nutrient supplement that includes Karrikins, specialized “signaling compounds” occurring in nature from wildfires.

Plants evolved to respond to Karrikins during the Cretaceous period 100 million years ago, when wildfires were prevalent and plants underwent rapid evolution.

Karrikins activate critical plant growth enzymes to significantly improve germination rates, flowering, root establishment, and overall seedling development.

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Proven Benefits

Karrikaid-PRO is an organic and all-natural liquid supplement containing a beneficial blend of organic acids, phenols, and karrikin molecules.

In addition to accelerating seed germination and improving seedling viability, Karrikaid-PRO provides several additional benefits for plants and soil.

stress resilience

nutrient availability

soil biology

robust flowering

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Soybean: Karrikaid-PRO produced 7% more soybean plants and 4% larger plants.

* SynTech Research Group (Jefferson City, Iowa, Summer 2023)
Only two liquid applications were made: One at pre-plant and the second at six weeks after planting.
Wood Vinegar

Before Treating with Karrikaid-PRO

After Treating with Karrikaid-PRO

In addition to improving seed establishment, Karrikaid-PRO helps release iron, nitrogen, and other nutrients for greener, stronger, and more resilient turfgrass.

Broccoli: 61% increase in plant weight and 63% increase in root mass.

* Holden Research and Consulting (Camarillo, CA, Spring 2023)

A 1% dilution of Karrikaid was foliar-applied two times―the first just after transplant and the second application three weeks later.  The dehydrated weight of the Karrikaid-treated plants also increased by 156%.

Microbes are essential for nutrient cycling, pest and pathogen control, nitrogen fixation, decomposition of organic matter, and many other vital functions of productive soils. Microorganisms metabolize the organic acids in Karrikaid®-PRO to improve the biological activity of soils.

Celery: 72% greater new root growth and a 31% increase in plant weight.

* Holden Research and Consulting (Camarillo, CA, Winter 2023)

A 1% dilution of Karrikaid-PRO was foliar-applied two times―the first just after transplant and the second application three weeks later.

Control (No Karrikaid®-PRO)

Treated with Karrikaid®-PRO

Karrikin signaling occurs in nature following wildfires – Fundamentally accelerating germination. In this way, Karrikaid-PRO mimics the natural chemistry that supercharges regrowth following wildfires.

Home Gardeners:
Get More Out of Your Plant Food

Add one teaspoon of Karrikaid® per gallon of diluted plant food for optimum results.

It’s estimated that plants absorb only 30-45% of the nutrients in fertilizer.

The organic acids in Karrikaid improve the bio-availability of key nutrients while increasing populations of beneficial soil microbes.

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