Research Trial Results


Karrikaid-PRO produces 7% more soybean plants per acre and 4% larger plants.

* SynTech Research Group (Jefferson City, Iowa, U.S.A.)
Two liquid applications of Karrikaid-PRO liquid were made: One at pre-plant and the second at six weeks after planting.
Wood Vinegar

15% yield increase and a net ROI gain of +$4,800 acre

Bell Pepper Production Trial


Persist™ biochar and PAF liquid produced a 15% greater number of peppers and a 13% overall increase in harvested weight per acre.

  • Third-party production trial conducted by Holden Research and Consulting (Ventura County, California). Randomized Complete Block.
  • In-season tissue sampling showed treated plants had a remarkably higher nutrient uptake, including 22% greater Nitrogen.
  • End-of-season soil analysis showed significantly higher retained nitrate nitrogen for the treated plots compared to the control.
  • Before planting, Persist™ Biochar was placed in the slot at a rate of 480 lb/acre. Persist™ PAF liquid was applied at 1% dilution with a backpack sprayer at a total rate of 3.5 gal/acre (four applications total).
  • Control: Grower standard program of 160 lb/acre of nitrogen, 48 lb/acre of P2O5, and 90 lb/acre of K2O.

14% strawberry yield increase.*

* Marketable strawberries. Extrapolated flats per acre compared to the grower’s standard.

      • Outdoor production trial conducted by Holden Research and Consulting (Ventura County, California) — Fall 2022
      • Completely randomized data collection of six replicates. (Portola variety).
      • Before planting, Persist™ Biochar was placed in the slot at a rate of 480 lbs/acre. Persist™ PAF liquid was applied at 1% dilution with a backpack sprayer at a total rate of 3.5 gal/acre (four applications total).
      • At planting, all treatments received controlled release fertilizer and in-season applications of nitrogen and phosphorous, along with foliar pest control.
Hand Touching Soil

Broccoli Nursery Trial (Summer 2023)

61% increase in total plant weight.

  • Celery nursery trial conducted Spring 2023 by Holden Research and Consulting (California).
  • 1% dilution of Persist PAF liquid, two foliar spray applications.
  • Average root weight increased 63%.
  • Average plant weight increased 61%.
  • Looking at dehydrated weights, the total average broccoli plant weight increased 156% compared to the grower’s standard, without any PAF treatments.

Persist™ PAF produces 72% greater new root growth and a 31% increase in plant weight.

  • Celery nursery trial conducted January-March 2023 by Holden Research and Consulting (Ventura County, California, U.S.A.).
  • Two foliar applications of PAF were applied.
  • The trial interval was 30 days, with appropriate data collected throughout the trial.

Persist™ Biochar holds water in soil

up to six times longer.

  • VGrid internal trial conducted July 2020.
  • Geraniums were planted in two self-watering pots, then top-watered and filled.
  • After 15 days, the water level indicator in the non-biochar planter dropped significantly but remained virtually unchanged in the biochar-amended (20%) planter, even after 30 full days of no water.
  • After 49 days of no additional watering, the flowers in the biochar-amended pot were still in bloom, and the leaves were green and healthy. However, the flowers in the non-biochar pot had died.
Hand Touching Soil
Hand Touching Soil

Hydroponics Tomato Grower Trial (2021)

15% yield increase with 40% less water.

“Biochar is everything and more that you claimed it would be and is destined to be for tomatoes and agriculture what the reef system is to Hawaii, a living eco system.”

Marshall Ige, Ige Group, Hawaii

  • The grower replaced perlite pots with 100% biochar.
  • The biochar pots were approximately 3x heavier compared to perlite pots, even after the grower had cut water consumption by 40% in biochar pots compared to perlite pots.
  • The plant leaves were greener, the tomatoes were rounder and redder, and did not show any cracks.  This is in addition to realizing a production yield improvement of 15% within two months of planting.

Persist™ Biochar-based grow media improves cannabis flower yields by 60% compared to coco coir.

  • Cannabis Indoor Grow Media Trial (Oct-Dec 2019) – Conducted in partnership with MedMen.
  • Persist’s 10% Biochar/Coco grow media was evaluated against 100% Coco Coir and Rockwool grow media (control). The trial included over 1,000 plants.
  • For the Tangie Dream strain, Persist’s Biochar/Coco media produced 200% more flowers (g/sq ft) than Rockwool and 17% compared to 100% coco grow media.
  • For the Blue Dream strain, Persist produced 117% greater yield than Rockwool and 60% compared to Coco Coir alone.

Persist Third Party Validation

OMRI Listed® for use in certified organic operations under the USDA National Organic Program.

Certified by the USDA as an all-natural, 100% biobased product.

Meets the stringent quality standards established by the International Biochar Initiative

Certified carbon negative by Puro.Earth, the world’s leading carbon crediting program.

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Persist™ all-natural biochar, Karrikaid, and PAF liquid plant enhancer are manufactured by VGrid Energy Systems, a California-based clean energy producer