Persist™ Micronized Biochar


liquid application of biochar into the soil

Micronized biochar for liquid fertigation, drip irrigation, and foliar spray systems.

  • Carefully screened particles less than 75 microns (0.075 mm) designed for liquid suspension and application.
  • Enhances dispersibility of biochar in soil for more precise nutrient delivery while reducing loss from volatilization.
  • Micronized particles further improve water retention, nutrient availability, and microbial activity in soils.
  • Available in five-gallon buckets (20 lb) and two-cubic yard super sacks (1,500 lb).

Delivers nutrients more effectively into the soil.

When added to liquid nutrient blends, the micronized biochar acts as a carrier, effectively delivering nutrients to where they’re needed and retaining them for longer periods.

Micronized biochar particles move more effectively through the plant canopy and thatch layers and into the root zone. The uniform level of dispersibility ensures accurate nutrient distribution, effectively mitigating concerns related to runoff and nutrient loss.

Millions of microscopic water reservoirs for your soil.

One pound of Persist biochar has a surface area of about 25 football fields. Moisture adheres to these surfaces and is effectively stored inside the biochar’s pores for longer durations, where plant roots and microbes can find it.

In a recent 49-day drought trial with flowers, potting soil amended with Persist™ biochar held water six times longer than soil without.

Grass Lawn Planting

A mountain of benefits on the head of a pin.

14% Yield Increase in Strawberry Production Trial.

Compared to the grower’s standard regimen, the yield of marketable strawberries per acre improved by 14.25% when adding Persist™ Biochar and Persist™ PAF liquid plant enhancer. Before planting, biochar was placed in the slot at a rate of 480 lbs/acre. 1% diluted PAF liquid was foliar applied at a total rate of 3.5 gal/acre (four applications total).

Wood Vinegar

Provides a safe haven for beneficial soil microbes.

Just as the “nooks and crannies” of a coral reef harbor a wide variety of sea life, the microscopic pores of biochar provide a home for an abundance of microorganisms, which are critical for long-term soil and plant health.

Persist™ biochar increases the diversity and populations of beneficial microorganisms in the soil, helping to reduce fertilizer inputs and rebuild unproductive soils.

OMRI listed

OMRI Listed® for use in certified organic production.

OMRI listed

usda certified AS AN all-natural 100% biobased product.

OMRI listed


OMRI listed


Biochar saves water, reducing the impact of drought.

49 Day Drought Trial with Flowers


A series of studies were conducted to evaluate the water holding capacity of biochar. In one, flowers were planted in two self-watering pots, which were then top-watered and filled.

After 15 days, the water level indicator in the non-biochar planter dropped significantly but remained virtually unchanged in the biochar-amended planter, even after 30 full days of no watering.

After 49 days of no additional watering, the flowers in the biochar-amended pot were still in bloom and the leaves were green and healthy, while flowers in the non-biochar pot had died.

15% more bell peppers per acre and a 13% increase in harvested weight.

* Holden Research & Consulting (Camarillo, California, U.S.A.)
  • In-season tissue sampling showed treated plants had a remarkably higher nutrient uptake, including 22% greater Nitrogen.
  • End-of-season soil analysis showed significantly higher retained nitrate nitrogen in the treated plots.
Wood Vinegar
Agricultural fields
Wood Vinegar

Let’s reverse climate change.

If we stop fossil fuel emissions tomorrow, global temperatures will still rise significantly. There’s simply too much CO2 in the atmosphere. Recent studies suggest up to ten gigatons globally must be sequestered by 2050 to prevent catastrophic climate impact. Climate experts estimate that biochar alone could address as much as 40% of the needed carbon removal, while simultaneously mitigating other environmental issues.

Every ton of Persist™ biochar removes about three equivalent tons of CO2 from the atmosphere, helping reverse climate change. (Certified by

Persist™ products are made by VGrid, an innovative clean energy company producing sustainable electricity from agricultural and forestry waste.  VGrid’s clean energy also reduces reliance on dirty fossil fuels while decreasing landfill waste (among other environmental co-benefits!).

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Persist™ all-natural biochar and PAF liquid plant enhancer are manufactured by VGrid Energy Systems, a California-based clean energy producer