Premium Biochar

a pure and porous form of captured carbon that increases water and nutrient efficiency in soil.

Persist Premium Biochar

Persist™ Biochar acts as a carbon sponge helping soil to hold water and nutrients. Microscopic pores also provide a home for an abundance of beneficial microbes which are critical for healthy and productive soil. Persist biochar also sequesters 3x its weight in CO2, helping to reverse climate change.

Persist Biochar Holds Water and Nutrients Longer in Soil.

Enhance your soil organically

Holds water up to 6x longer!

Persist™ Premium Biochar enhances the colonization of beneficial microorganisms in soil, which can help you use less fertilizer overall.  Just as the “nooks and crannies” of a coral reef harbor a wide variety of sea life, the microscopic pores of biochar provide home for an abundance of microorganisms, which are critical for long-term soil and plant health.

OMRI listed

OMRI Listed® for use in certified organic production.

OMRI listed

usda certified AS AN all-natural 100% biobased product.

OMRI listed


OMRI listed


Biochar saves water, reducing the impact of drought.

49 Day Drought Trial with Flowers


A series of studies were conducted to evaluate the water holding capacity of biochar. In one, flowers were planted in two self-watering pots, which were then top-watered and filled.

After 15 days, the water level indicator in the non-biochar planter dropped significantly but remained virtually unchanged in the biochar-amended planter, even after 30 full days of no water.

After 49 days of no additional watering, the flowers in the biochar-amended pot were still in bloom and the leaves were green and healthy.  Flowers in the non-biochar pot were dead.

VGrid is Reversing Climate Change, Not Just Talking About It

If we stop fossil fuel emissions tomorrow, global temperatures will still rise significantly. There’s simply too much CO2 in the atmosphere. Recent studies suggest up to ten gigatons globally must be sequestered by 2050 to prevent catastrophic climate impact. Climate experts estimate that biochar alone could address as much as 40% of the needed carbon removal, while simultaneously mitigating other environmental issues.

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Persist Biochar

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The Persist™ Biochar Difference


Persist biochar is manufactured in a high-temperature gasification process that maximizes the removal of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the biomass. This proprietary process also yields a biochar with greater than 90% fixed carbon content, which is significantly higher than most other brands of biochar. Persist has low ash content, consistent particle size distribution, and is made from 100% California-grown waste pistachio shells, which would otherwise go to the landfill.


Persist’s proprietary high-temperature production process also creates an extremely porous biochar with an intricate network of microscopic pores, cavities, and channels. The result is a massive “surface area-to-volume” ratio, which maximizes the water holding capacity and nutrient binding capabilities. One ounce of Persist™ in fact has a surface area equal to 1-1/2 football fields. Persist’s surface area of 200-300 m2/g compares to other biochar at <20 m2/g.


Biochar is an effective method for capturing carbon that would otherwise enter the atmosphere. But how much carbon is captured and for how long is not the same for all biochar. Persist is over 90% fixed carbon, meaning that more carbon is captured per pound compared to others. Additionally, if the oxygen-to-carbon (O:C) ratio of biochar is less than 0.2, then the half-life is greater than 1,000 years.  With an O:C ratio of 0.05, Persist provides significantly longer sequestration.

How Persist™ Premium Biochar is made.

VGrid’s Bioserver is a mobile, modular, and scalable biomass gasification system.

VGrid’s proprietary technology uses an advanced high-temperature process to produce clean, renewable energy and premium biochar.

The waste biomass (pistachio shells) is combusted in a special chamber with very low oxygen and ultra-high temperatures (>1,100°C).

The biochar is formed, while gases created in the process (SynGas) are cooled, cleaned, and then fed into a proprietary custom generator to produce electricity. As the SynGas is cooled, liquid condenses out and is processed into Persist PAF.

The resulting biochar has extremely high porosity and fixed carbon content (+90%), with exceptionally low ash (<4%) and VOCs.

Persist™ Biochar Advantages

Not all biochar is the same. Biochar characteristics should be verified with a 3rd party laboratory analysis.

  • In a recent third-party trial, soil amended with Persist Biochar had 37-51% better moisture retention than soil without biochar.
  • Produced from 100% California-grown pistachio shells — a waste product otherwise destined for the landfill.
  • Carbon content greater than 90%.
  • High porosity and surface area-to-volume ratio.
  • Low ash and VOC content.
  • Consistent particle size distribution.
  • Available in a 3-quart bags, 1.5 cu ft bags, and 2.0 cu yd supersacks.
  • Persist can be manufactured to specific particle size requirements. 

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Persist™ all-natural biochar and PAF liquid plant enhancer are manufactured by VGrid Energy Systems, a California-based clean energy producer