Increasing Nutrient Uptake

 in third-party trials, Persist biochar and paf liquid significantly increased plant and soil nutrient efficiency.

Third-party trial results

Strawberry (California)

Persist™ PAF Liquid and Biochar provided a 14% yield increase in marketable strawberries per acre.

* Holden Research and Consulting, Fall 2022

Soybean (Iowa)

A blend of Persist™ PAF liquid and biochar tea produced 7% more soybean plants per acre and a 4% increase in average plant height.

* SynTech Research Group, Summer 2023

Pepper (California)

15% increase in number of peppers produced per acre and 13% increase in average weight with Persist™ PAF and Biochar.

* Holden Research and Consulting, Fall 2023

Broccoli (California)

Persist™ PAF foliar treatments resulted in a 61% increase in total plant weight in nursery trials.

* Holden Research and Consulting, Spring 2023

Tomato (Hawaii)

In a grower trial, Persist™ Biochar delivered a 15% yield increase with 40% water savings.

* Ige Group, Fall 2021

Celery (California)

Persist™ PAF produced 72% greater new root growth and a 31% increase in plant weight in nursery trial.

* Holden Research and Consulting, Winter 2023

Hay-Water Savings (Colorado)

Soils amended with Persist Biochar created 37-51% greater moisture retention as well as large increases in protein percentage, Relative Feed Quality (RFQ), and Relative Feed Value (RFV) of hay.

* Lobato Farms-Colorado State Univ, Summer 2023

Enhancing the bioavailability of nutrients is critical to performance. Unabsorbed nutrients are wasted and can cause environmental harm.

Improving macro- and micro-nutrient availability with Persist™ PAF liquid.

Organic acids in Persist™ PAF, including acetic, malic, lactic, and succinic acids, have been shown to solubilize and mobilize minerals such as Fe, P, K, and Mg.  These organic acids form complexes with key minerals to improve and extend their availability to plants.

Wood Vinegar

Persist treatment produces 7% more soybean plants per acre and 4% larger plants.

* SynTech Research Group (Jefferson City, Iowa, U.S.A.)
Treatment included a unique blend of Persist PAF liquid and a biochar tea. Two liquid applications were made: One at pre-plant and the second at six weeks after planting.

Persist Premium Biochar

One pound of ultra-porous Persist™ biochar has a surface area of over 25 football fields. Water adheres to these surfaces to retain moisture in soil up to six times longer. The microscopic pores also serve as a habitat for microbes, creating a microbe mega-factory in your soil.

Persist PAF Bio-liquid

Persist™ PAF is a unique liquid blend of organic acids, phenols, and natural compounds. While biochar provides shelter for microbes, PAF provides the food. Recent crop trials, including strawberry, pepper, and soybean, show significant improvements in nutrient uptake and yield.

Independently Verified to the Highest Quality Standards

OMRI Listed® for use in certified organic operations under the USDA National Organic Program

Certified by the USDA as an all-natural, 100% biobased product (BioPreferred® program)

Meets the stringent quality standards established by the International Biochar Initiative

Certified carbon negative by Puro.Earth, the world’s leading carbon crediting program

15% more bell peppers per acre and a 13% increase in harvested weight.

* Holden Research & Consulting (Camarillo, California, U.S.A.)
  • In-season tissue sampling showed treated plants had a remarkably higher nutrient uptake, including 22% greater Nitrogen.
  • End-of-season soil analysis showed significantly higher retained nitrate nitrogen in the treated plots.
Wood Vinegar
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Wood Vinegar
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Our mission is to reverse climate change.

Persist products are made by VGrid, an innovative clean energy company producing sustainable electricity from agricultural and forestry waste. In addition to reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and decreasing landfill waste, every ton of Persist biochar sequestered in soil will net remove about three equivalent tons of CO2 from the atmosphere.
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Persist™ all-natural biochar and PAF liquid plant enhancer are manufactured by VGrid Energy Systems, a California-based clean energy producer