Persist for Composting

All-natural Persist™ Biochar and Persist™ PAF provide a powerful ‘1-2 punch’ for better composting

Persist Premium Biochar

Ultra-porous Persist™ Biochar provides superior performance

Our proprietary process creates an extremely porous biochar with an intricate network of microscopic cavities and channels. The result is a massive surface area, which provides superior water holding capacity, nutrient binding, and overall microbial benefits. The porosity of Persist biochar is significantly greater than most other products on the market.

Accelerate Your Composting Process

Applying 10% Persist Biochar by volume and a 1:500 dilution of Persist PAF to composting piles significantly increases microbial activity and aeration while lowering bulk density and moisture loss.  As a result, compost matures faster — improving overall yields and lowering long-term processing costs.

Retain Nitrogen and Reduce Emissions

Multiple studies have concluded biochar decreases greenhouse gas emissions, including nitrous oxide, methane, and ammonia from composting piles. Biochar also mitigates unpleasant odors and reduces leaching, preserving nitrogen and other valuable nutrients in the compost where they belong.

Enhance Compost Effectiveness

When added to soil, compost amended with biochar and PAF will see increased microbial activity and diversity, improved nutrient retention, higher humification, and increased production overall. The water holding capacity also increases, further improving compost’s effectiveness in drought-stricken soils.

How to use Persist™ Biochar and Persist™ PAF in composting.


To start, add approximately 10% biochar by volume and apply a 1:500 dilution of PAF to a new compost pile (≈ 1/2 tablespoon per gallon). Persist Biochar and PAF can be added between layers of organic matter or worked into compost, with the goal of establishing a uniform distribution.


As compost is turned, or from time-to-time in the process, add an additional 3-5% biochar by volume. To maintain elevated microbial activity and to prevent compost from drying, apply an additional 1:750 dilution of Persist PAF (≈1 teaspoon per gallon water).


The beneficial microorganisms in compost need both Carbon (C) and Nitrogen (N) to thrive.  Maintaining a C/N ratio between 25:1 and 35:1 is ideal.  When biochar is included in compost, Nitrogen loss is reduced, so it’s important to ensure this ratio is in the proper range.

Composting is a fantastic use for organic waste. Persist™ Biochar + Persist™ PAF make it better.

  • Faster composting = increased yield
  • Increased aeration
  • Increased microbial action
  • Reduced leaching
  • Reduced odors
  • Reduced harmful gas emissions
  • Reduced Nitrogen (N) loss
  • Improved humus content
  • Reduced ‘clumping’ in compost pile
  • Enhanced plant yields<br />

certified by as a carbon-negative product.

USDA Certified Biobased Product

usda certified all-natural, 100% biobased product.

OMRI listed

OMRI Listed® for use in certified organic production.

Get to know Persist™ PAF bio-liquid


Accelerate composting and recharge plants with a synergistic mix of beneficial organic compounds and natural acids.

  • Contains signaling compounds that kickstart germination.
  • Nurtures healthy microbes in soil and compost.
  • Boosts plants’ ability to uptake nutrients, particularly iron.
  • Helps to create healthier leaves and stronger fruit skins.
  • May reduce dependency on chemical fertilizers.
  • Lowers the alkalinity in soil.
  • Excellent source of beneficial phenols and acetic acid.

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Persist™ all-natural biochar and PAF liquid plant enhancer are manufactured by VGrid Energy Systems, a California-based clean energy producer