Yield increase results in a net ROI gain to the grower over $4,800 per acre.

VGrid has announced its latest crop trial results: a 15% yield increase in peppers per acre and a 13% overall increase in harvested weight per acre when using Persist™ Premium Biochar, and Persist™ PAF Liquid Nutrient Enhancer. The results of this latest trial closely align with data from a previous 2022 strawberry production trial, as well as recent broccoli and celery trials, further validating the effectiveness of Persist.

Persist PAF is an all-natural liquid. It contains a synergistic mix of organic acids and compounds for plants and soil. Academic research and trial data support PAF’s unique ability to boost nutrient uptake, improve microbial activity, and aid plants’ natural defense mechanisms against biotic and abiotic stress.

Persist Premium Biochar is produced in VGrid’s proprietary high-temperature gasification process. Along with creating clean and sustainable electricity, the system produces ultra-porous biochar, which provides several benefits as a soil amendment. Moisture and nutrients collect in the biochar’s pores to significantly extend their availability for plants. Additionally, biochar supports the colonization of beneficial soil microbes, which are crucial for sustainable and productive agriculture.

The recently completed pepper trial and the 2022 strawberry trial were conducted by Holden Research and Consulting (Ventura County, California). In both trials, Persist Biochar was added to pre-plant fertilizer at a rate of 480 pounds per acre. Persist PAF liquid was applied in a 1% dilution at a total rate of 3.5 gallons per acre, spread over four foliar spray applications. This trial was a Random Complete Block study with six replicates designed to evaluate the market production of conventional bell peppers.

The Persist™ treatment produced 15% more peppers and a 13% overall increase in harvested weight per acre. Peppers were categorized according to industry sizing standards: medium, large, extra-large, and jumbo. Persist showed particularly strong results in large and extra-large peppers, with a combined increase of 24% by count. The result is a calculated net ROI gain to the grower of over $4,800 per acre, using USDA-published pricing on the harvest date.

In-season plant tissue analysis was also conducted by an independent laboratory, showing significantly higher nutrient uptake in the pepper plants treated with Persist, including a 22% increase in Nitrogen, 9% increase in Phosphorus, and 42% increase in Potassium, as well as improved uptake of key micro-nutrients including Magnesium, Iron, Boron, Copper, and Zinc. End-of-season soil analysis also showed significantly higher levels of retained nitrate nitrogen in the treated plots compared to the control.

Persist provides a convenient and sustainable way for growers to generate additional yield and profits. “We’ve confirmed through multiple independent crop trials the significant positive impact Persist Products have on soil and plant productivity,” says Jeff Norton, Vice President of Business Development at VGrid. “We are thrilled to offer growers sustainable solutions that improve the bottom line and benefit the planet.” For more information, including full trial results, please visit www.persistproducts.com/trial-results/.