The IBI Biochar Certification Program is a voluntary initiative that allows biochar producers to prove their product’s adherence to the rigorous criteria set forth by the IBI Biochar Standards. Designed for soil application, these standards ensure that biochar materials exhibit optimal physicochemical properties and pass tests targeting the detection of potential toxicants. This certification is instrumental in bolstering market and investor trust and driving growth and commercialization of this rapidly expanding industry.

“Obtaining IBI Biochar Certification is a significant milestone for VGrid Energy Systems and a validation of our commitment to producing sustainable, high-quality biochar,” said Greg Campbell, CEO of VGrid Energy Systems. “A critical aspect of the certification process was proving we did not have any harmful dioxins or furans with the biochar. VGrid’s high-temperature gasification process, as well as the consistent feedstock, ensures that any such toxins are eliminated.”

VGrid’s biomass energy systems convert agricultural waste into clean, renewable electricity and biochar, a highly porous and pure form of carbon that stabilizes and sequesters atmospheric carbon for over 1,000 years. Biochar is proven to enhance soil productivity by retaining water, binding nutrients, and supporting beneficial microbial growth. The company’s biochar product line, including Persist™ Premium Biochar and Persist™ PAF, offers multiple environmental and agricultural benefits, such as improved soil health, increased water retention, and reduced dependence on chemical fertilizers.

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About VGrid Energy Systems:

VGrid Energy Systems is a California-based clean energy producer developing long-term solutions for creating clean energy, sequestering carbon, and reversing climate change. The company’s innovative biomass energy system processes agricultural waste into 100% sustainable and renewable electricity and creates biochar, which stabilizes and sequesters atmospheric carbon for over 1,000 years. VGrid manufactures its all-natural biochar and bio-oil products under the Persist™ name. For more information, please visit and