VGrid Energy Systems announced today that its Persist™ Premium Biochar is available for sale nationwide on Now, lawn owners, gardeners, and indoor plant lovers can order online directly from Lowe’s, mix the soil enhancer into any plant soil, and enjoy improved, lush and vibrant plants with less watering. Persist Biochar is OMRI LISTED® for use in certified organic production, certified by the International Biochar Initiative, and has earned the USDA’s BioPreferred® certification as a 100% biobased product.

Persist Biochar is an all-natural substance created from California-grown waste pistachio shells, and supports and improves:

Soil health: Persist Biochar has an extremely high surface area and porosity, which retains nutrients and makes them available to grass and plants for a longer time.

Water savings: It helps retain water and nutrients longer, keeping soil hydrated up to six times longer.

Plant growth: Persist Biochar helps prevent the leaching of minerals and nutrients from the soil and improves the effectiveness of added plant food by holding nutrients in the root zone longer, helping to accelerate plant growth for all types of soils.

VGrid is one of the world’s leading clean energy companies developing carbon-negative technology solutions to fight climate change. Its innovative system creates biochar, stabilizing and sequestering carbon for over 1,000 years. Persist Biochar has also earned a prestigious certification verifying it as a carbon removal tool.

“Because climate change is such a massive and complex issue, people often ask what they can possibly do about it. Planting with Persist Biochar net removes three times its weight in atmospheric CO2 while also improving the performance of your lawn and garden,” said Jeff Norton, VGrid’s Vice President of Business Development. “We’re thrilled to partner with Lowe’s to continue educating consumers about the benefits of biochar for lawns and gardens – and the planet.”