Persist™ Premium Biochar is now available in a new formulation: Micronized Biochar.

This ultra-fine biochar, screened for precise particle sizes less than 75 microns (0.075 mm), can be suspended in liquid, and conveniently applied through fertigation, drip irrigation, and foliar spray systems for more precise nutrient delivery. The micronized particles have a higher surface area and porosity to improve water retention, nutrient binding, and microbial activity in the soil.

VGrid’s biomass energy systems convert agricultural waste into clean, renewable electricity, and biochar, a highly porous and pure form of carbon that stabilizes and sequesters atmospheric carbon for over 1,000 years. Biochar is proven to enhance soil productivity by retaining water, binding nutrients, and supporting beneficial microbial growth. The company’s biochar product line, including Persist™ Premium Biochar and Persist™ PAF, offers multiple environmental and agricultural benefits, such as improved soil health, increased water retention, and reduced dependence on chemical fertilizers.

Additionally, VGrid can custom-size biochar particles for its customers across agriculture, golf/turfgrass, horticulture, and more. Notably, the company specializes in precisely matching the biochar particle size to golf courses’ golf sand specifications for seamless mixing and spreading.

“By offering a micronized formulation of our high-quality biochar, users can maximize efficiencies by applying it through an existing drip irrigation system or spraying it. Micronized biochar is the ideal fertigation product for large-scale operations across various markets,” explained Jeff Norton, vice president of business development at VGrid.

Persist Biochar is OMRI LISTED® for use in certified organic production, certified by the International Biochar Initiative, and has earned the USDA’s BioPreferred® certification as a 100% biobased product.