VGrid Energy Systems and Persist Products welcome Craig Vossler as our new Sales Manager for Agricultural Products. In this role, he will oversee business development and sales for VGrid’s growing line of products for agriculture applications.

Vossler has served in regional and national sales leadership roles at companies including AgroThrive, Seawin BioTech, and Concentric Ag. He joins the company at a pivotal stage in its trajectory, as industry and consumer interest in carbon-negative products and solutions have skyrocketed.

VGrid is one of the world’s leading clean energy companies that processes agricultural waste into clean and renewable electricity. Its innovative technology system creates biochar, a product that stabilizes and sequesters atmospheric carbon for over 1,000 years. Biochar is a highly porous and pure form of carbon that improves soil productivity by retaining water, binding nutrients, and supporting beneficial microbial growth.

VGrid’s clean energy process also produces PERSIST™ PAF liquid, a synergistic mix of organic acids and compounds for plants and soil. VGrid recently completed third-party trials with PAF showing significant improvements in crop yields and overall plant development.

“Craig is a highly respected agronomy expert who brings a wealth of experience in building relationships with farmers in key agriculture verticals. Farmers today are facing unprecedented challenges that stem from climate change. Craig will play an instrumental role in accelerating the adoption of carbon-negative farming solutions and ultimately remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere,” explained Greg Campbell, CEO of VGrid.

“Our mission is to increase awareness of the benefits of VGrid’s products, as well as support small- and large-scale farming operations in improving their sustainability practices and overall profitability. We’re confident Craig is the perfect person to lead this effort,” affirmed Campbell.

Vossler graduated from California State University-Fresno with a business administration and finance degree. He is based in Salinas, California.